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Texas Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

Questions and Answers about Laser Tattoo Removal

We use the Medlite C6 by Hoya Conbio
The procedure itself with prep can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes on most small to medium-sized tattoos.
There is not an exact answer to this for. There are many factors which determine how many sessions are needed; The color of ink, how old it is, the location on the body, and the skill level of the tattoo artist are the biggest factors. Black tattoos absorb the light of the laser easiest, and therefore are the quickest to remove. Brighter colored tattoos reflect the laser and therefore are more challenging. We do not guarantee any results with green and blue inks. We typically see 3-5 sessions on professionally applied tattoos and 1-3 on amateur tattoos.
We recommend a minimum of 9 weeks for best tissue regeneration. When lasering is done without enough time in between, it can permenentely scar, and you don’t see the full results of the session.
We need to see the tattoo in person to give accurate quotes. It can be as affordable as $75 a session. Feel free to stop by any day of the week for a free consultation. If you are in the industry, bring your business card in for additional discounts.
Ensure the tattoo is fully healed. Eat and sleep well. Do not come in if you are sick. Do not take any blood thinning medication of drink alcohol before arriving. We require a doctors note if you have any un-ergulated kidney, heart, thyroid, or diabetic concerns. We also suggest bringing something sugary to sip on or sweet candies.
Most of the time yes! If you are concerned about how your skin will respond, we offer a free “test spot” session.
When done by a trained and experienced Technician, and taken care of properly, no. Sometimes blisters will form, but these are not problematic as long as they’re left alone and heal on their own. DO NOT POP BLISTERS. Popping them can cause scarring and problematic healing.
While it typically hurts more than getting a tattoo we provide a chiller and offer topical ointments to reduce the pain. It has been equated to a bunch of rubber bands hitting the skin.
All parts of the body take differing amounts of time. In general, the bulk of healing will be complete in 3 weeks. As you get further from the heart, it will take longer. Once it is no longer an open wound, applying hydrocortisone cream in a deep massage like motion will expedite healing.
Yes! The number of sessions required to do so depends on the subject matter, size, location, and colors of the cover-up. We can recommend a highly skilled tattoo artist that can explain all your options for a cover-up.
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